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Steamed Beech Doors

Steamed Beech Doors

The enduring popularity of beech is reflected in our Steamed Beech range of doors, which are designed to enhance the clean and airy surroundings of today's interiors, and to match the ever-popular beech flooring. Built to the highest standards, these doors will give years and years of trouble-free service.

  • Superior quality wooden veneers used throughout
  • Solid wood lipping
  • Compression dowel construction
  • Fully engineered for strength and durability


80 x 34
80 x 32
78 x 30
78 x 28
78 x 26
78 x 24
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P50 Steamed Beech Door
P50 Glazed Steamed Beech Door
P50 Glazed
6 Panel Steamed Beech Door
6 Panel
Contemporary Steamed Beech Door
Shaker Glazed Steamed Beech Door
Shaker Glazed

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