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ZapKey™ Centry Locking System

ZapKeyZapKey™ has a patented locking system suitable for most types of house or apartment. Primarily designed for front door access, the Centry Lock can replace your existing Yale, Basta or similar type night latches and can also be installed on doors with a 3 point locking system. The Centry Lock is designed for ease of fitting and use.

    * No more standing in the rain searching for door keys
    * No more worrying as you try to unlock the door in the dark
    * Just press a button and the door is open or locked in a fraction of a second

All locks are wireless and are powered by 3 AA type batteries. Under normal operating conditions the batteries will give a year of service before needing to be changed. ZapKey™ is happy to recommend the use of Duracell Ultra & Ultra M3 AA batteries in their products.

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